How To Handle A Roach Infestation At Home

roaches on bed
Roaches found on bed.

Bugs or as people often call them, pests, can be annoying and difficult to deal with especially if they become widespread. Most people tend not to want to get exterminators to do the job for them, because such services can get rather expensive. In fact, most pest exterminators will do a very basic job of using the right insecticides to get rid of such pests. You could potentially save up on a lot of money if you learn how to do it yourself instead of depending on the yearly or even quarterly services of an exterminator. By making use of roach poison for example, you can save up hundreds of dollars that professional services would charge to do the same. Check out this guide to eliminating roaches which recommends the best roach killer to quickly eliminate roaches at home.

Some of the most resistant and durable pests would be the roaches. There are plenty of gel baits and poison being sold on the market that it can be confusing if you were to go shopping for a good one. Most gel baits are a lot less effective than they’re advertised to be, so you have to be careful to avoid getting ripped. Although they do not cost a lot in general, a single bottle or spray will hardly do the job, so you’ll likely spend more than $50 to fully eliminate your roach problem.

roach gel bait
A simple, yet effective roach gel bait by Advion.

If you know exactly how roaches behave however, it might not seem so tough after all to deal with them. Roaches are cannibalistic in nature, and if one of their kin dies, the rest will devour it. Whenever this happens, the poison that has been ingested by the first roach will also be ingested by the others as a result, and this has a chain reaction sort of effect.

Another way to prevent roaches from coming out and hunting for food or water would be to leave the lights on in those areas that are prone to such critters. Roaches are attracted to dark areas and with a bright fluorescent light shining in the kitchen, for example, they would less likely come out into the open. Of course, the best way to handle a roach infestation would still be to eliminate them completely. Preventing them from coming out will only be a temporary solution, because the breeding in the nests will continue if you do not take a more proactive method in tackling this issue.

A lot of people who have faced a similar roach problem will tend to recommend boric acid as a solution. While it may work, it tends to get messy as this poison is in the form of liquid. You will see stains of the acid everywhere as the roaches crawl over it and drag it all over your kitchen with their feet. A better way to do this would be to invest in gel baits instead. There are plenty of highly effective gel baits that take the form of semi-solid structures, so as not to create an entire mess. Compared to other solutions like insecticide sprays, roach poisons are easily the most effective forms of eliminating roaches entirely.